Equipment and decoration for garages and workshops. Professionals and individuals.


  • Equipement
  • Décoration
    <p>The decoration of your garage or workshop reflects your personality.</p> <p>It allows you to feel good there and to share more your passions and your activities.</p> <p>Decoration is also a great way to add value to real estate.</p>
  • Pour showroom
  • Baltik Market
    <p>Small section will become big we hope!</p> <p>Decorative objects and vintage equipment in the garage spirit.</p> <p>Sometimes deals, sometimes finds or rarities, but always original products on the market.</p> <p>With a few exceptions, the products offered in this section are old or vintage.</p> <p>They may never have been used or be in used condition.</p> <p>IMPORTANT, prices are likely to fluctuate:</p> <p>For recurring items; the price may change depending on the origins of the lots that we find.</p> <p>For collectibles; the price depends on the current rating.</p>

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